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Your act of using our website located at www.screeningtale.com and all associated sites linked to it (hereby referred to as "ScreeningTale") signifies that you agree to all the following terms and conditions (hereby referred to as "Terms of Use""). If you do not agree, do not use ScreeningTale.

ScreeningTale is the property of Daniel Schiøtz (hereby referred to as "Site Owner"). You can contact us on this e-mail address: stonks@screeningtale.com.

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  1. Legal age

    You affirm that you are over the legal age of 18 as ScreeningTale is not intended for children. If it comes to the Site Owner´s attention that a registered user is under the age of 18, the Site Owner will cancel that user's account.

  2. Changes to Terms of Use

    We may change Terms of Use at any time. By reloading this page, you will have access to the most updated version that applies to users. If you continue to use ScreeningTale after updates, you are signifying your acceptance to all changes.

  3. Changes to ScreeningTale

    We may change ScreeningTale at any time without notice. We do not guarantee any backward compatibility of our services.

  4. Copyright and trademarks

    ScreeningTale and all copyrights, including, but not limited to, software, text, documents, photos, graphics, articles and links (hereby referred to as "Content") and trademarks are the property of the Site Owner or its third-party licensors or providers. You may download and/or print copies from the Content, solely for personal non-commercial use. The Site Owner reserves all rights not expressly granted on ScreeningTale.

  5. Disclaimer regarding investment decisions

    All decisions to buy, sell, or hold securities, commodities, currencies and other investments involves financial risk. Since all securities trading and other investments involves risk of significant losses, you should always consult a with a professional financial advisor before making investment decisions. The Site Owner shall under no circumstances be held responsible for any losses or damages that may cause you as a result of engaging in investment activities based on information and material on ScreeningTale.

  6. Not investment advice

    You agree that the content on ScreeningTale is provided as information only, and shall under no means be regarded as investment advice. Past performance is no guarantee for future performance. Therefore, you should not assume that the future return of a specific investment will correspond with its return in the past. You are solely responsible for all investments you make and evaluate the risk and credibility associated with the information on ScreeningTale. When engaging in investment and trading activities, you should always consult with a professional financial adviser.

  7. Sharing of material

    We provide you the opportunity to share material that you create through our services. All sharing of material from ScreeningTale shall maintain the Site Owner's rights to the material, and the material shall not be manipulated. You agree that you are solely responsible for all the use of material from ScreeningTale that you share with others. Shared material shall never be used for illegal financial activity or any illegal activity by you or others involved.

  8. Disclaimer regarding content

    The Site Owner does not guarantee that any information you find on ScreeningTale is accurate, updated, current, complete or reliable. Because of the possibility of human error and mechanical error, the information you find on ScreeningTale cannot be guaranteed for. You agree that all use of ScreeningTale, directly or through third parties, is at your own risk. Data is provided by .

  9. Disclaimer regarding third-party sites and advertisers

    ScreeningTale may include links to third party websites. We provide these links because it is convenient, but we do not endorse any content or any services offered by these sites. Some of the sites may contain inaccurate, offensive or illegal material. You agree that the Site Owner shall not be held responsible for any trading and/or investing activities or any other activities that occur on websites you access through ScreeningTale. You agree that the Site Owner holds no responsibility for agreements made between you and advertisers found on ScreeningTale. Losses and/or claims against the advertiser are between you and the advertiser.

  10. Disclaimer regarding affiliate marketing

    When you use ScreeningTale, you may be exposed to "affiliate marketing". This means that ScreeningTale will provide certain affiliate links to third-party sites. If you click on these links and purchase items and/or subscribe to services, the Site Owner will receive a commission from the third party. You will always be notified on our website when being exposed to affiliate links.

  11. Registered users

    Certain services, such as saving material created by using ScreeningTale's services, is only available to registered users. By fulfilling the process of registering a user you will further confirm your agreement to Terms of Use. When registering a user, you also agree to provide accurate and complete information that is required for user registration.

  12. Security

    If you register a user account on ScreeningTale, you agree to create a strong password, and under no circumstances share this with others. The user is fully responsible for keeping its password safe and secure, and change its password when necessary. This includes, but is not limited to, when the Site Owner asks the user to do so. The Site Owner holds no responsibility for consequences that may affect the user as a result of careless password handling by the user.

  13. Emails

    By registering a user account on ScreeningTale, you that we can use you registered email address to send you notices, important information and marketing material. If you want to unsubscribe from these emails, you can do so by clicking on a link named "Unsubscribe from emails" or similar, which will be provided in all emails.

  14. Saved user material is the Siter Owner's property

    By registering a user account, you agree that all material created using ScreeningTale's services that is saved on your user account is the Site Owner's property. The Site Owner may use material saved on you user account for commercial use, including without limitation, trading and investment activities.

  15. Indemnification

    You agree to indemnify and hold the Site Owner harmless from any damages, losses, claims and expenses, including reasonable attorney fees, that follow directly or indirectly from your use of ScreeningTale and/or your violation of Terms of Use.

  16. Termination

    You agree that the Site Owner can without notice limit or terminate your access to ScreeningTale and/or delete your registered user account under certain circumstances, which includes, but is not limited to, your violations of Terms of Use, orders from law enforcements or regulatory authorities, and technical or security issues.



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